Co-owners of Pepperbox Coffee

Nicholas Buchanan, Co-founder and Co-owner

I bring unique experience to Pepperbox Coffee.

Seattle is my home town, where the mega coffee franchise Starbucks brewed up the coffee madness. Because the Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of coffee drive-thru establishments, I have lived through various coffee atmospheres which has impacted my coffee cuppings.

I now live in Texas and want to bring the best of Seattle to Austin. In addition to the desire to introduce the coffee express style to town, I also believe that with my software development background a coffee self-ordering system would bring an unique experience for our customers in the future.

As a deaf person, I have the vision of running my own business and also prove that being deaf does not and will not be a hindrance in being a successful entrepreneur. I believe that with my contribution, hard work and perseverance, it will lead toward opportunities for the deaf communities. My passion is in the coffee industry. Because of the passion, I firmly believe I will be successful. 

Lastly, I am a proud father to two beautiful kids and a husband to a wonder wife.

Mario Essig, Co-founder and Co-owner

When I dove into Pepperbox Coffee, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I have always aspired to own a business and this is it. It's exciting to see a dream fulfilled!

Growing up in Washington State, there are literally coffee shops on nearly every corner, alongside Starbucks. However, I have seen how people still are loyal to local coffee shops and appreciate that the culture of local coffee shops are more authentic and personal. That is what I want to bring to Austin.

By bringing my business knowledge and experience to Pepperbox Coffee, I am confident that the company will definitely take off with a joyful cup of coffee!

Quick facts about me: loves walking with Jesus, has a lovely wife, loves playing soccer, freedives, riding on his Nightcrawler and loves pandas!