The Tale Begins

Vision & Mission of Pepperbox Coffee

Pepperbox Coffee was born after a dream was conceived during one starry night in Texas. Mario and Nick, the owners, were being warmed by a crackling fire when the smoke led their eyes towards the sky. A shooting star streaked across the sky, igniting an inspiration.


Pepperbox Coffee was created in response to the unemployment crisis that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population faces. The majority of the population struggle with unemployment, due to lack of training and job experience along with communication barriers. The Deaf co-owners, Mario Essig and Nicholas Buchanan, wanted to demonstrate that the barriers in place do not define the intelligence, heart, and talents of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. They are excited to share their talents in the marketplace and provide the fastest, friendliest and the most generous handcraft coffee service for your convenience.


The business is also closed on Sundays because we want to encourage the healthy practice of resting and refreshing the mind, spirit, and bodies of our employees- and to have them return all fired up and ready to serve!


Story of Pepperbox Coffee



An angry cowboy gangster burst through the entrance. The Pepperbox Coffee saloon doors swiveled wildly on its hinges. The clock strikes high noon.




The gangster points his thick finger to a cowboy drinking coffee on the bar. Raising an eyebrow, the cowboy sauntered away from the bar and met his opponent outside. A crowd begins to gather around them nervously. The gangster growled, “Quick draw. The fastest wins.


Tipping his hat, the cowboy accepted the challenge.









The opponents burst into the Pepperbox Coffee saloon, much to the horror of the guests. Leaping across the bar with the boot spurs spinning, the cowboy seized one of the two espresso machines. Coffee beans roasted and imported from Costa Rica went into the grinder, and were pressed into the portafilter. The cowboy raced with the gangster, who was working the other espresso machine.


The portafilter clicked into place on the machine. “Locked and loaded,” the cowboy chuckled.


Velvety drops of espresso poured out of the group head on the machine. There was a hissing noise as the milk was steamed, and the liquid gold was poured into the coffee cup. Spinning around, the cowboy expertly slid the coffee cup along the bar counter towards his opponent.


“You lose.” the cowboy laughed.


Trembling, the gangster raised his hands in defeat and slinked out of the saloon.


Bang. Bang. Bang!” the winner fired his pepperbox gun, the original design of the gun before the modern-day revolver came into being.


What a shot of coffee, eh? the cowboy flashed his grin. He spun the barrels of pepperbox gun, checking for bullets. The pepperbox barrels resembled a pepper grinder as the barrels were spun, thus the name of pepperbox.

Pepperbox Coffee smokes all of the coffee shops. Quickest draw (er, brew) in the Wild West.