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Our in-house espresso and coffee for all tastes ordered for the go!

Americano Cappuccino Chai Latte
Cafe Latte Cafe Mocha Cortado
Drip Toddy Mexican Spiced Cocoa


The Holster

Dirty Harry

Chaaaaai mix and some espresso...

Our scrumptious house-made chai tea mix offers a genuine taste not found anywhere else. Chai lovers everywhere hail this as the authentic dirty chai. Moreover, our fans discover their new love for chai as this is a point of no return. This heavy shooter packs of organic black tea powder and then fearsome double shot espresso. Do you feel lucky today?

Doc Holliday

Toddy, half & half, pecan.

Purpose: A calming effect of caffeine as the soothing blend of half and half milk and pecan works out the flavor to begin a good day's worth of work. There is a day for everything.



20 oz, 6 shots of espresso, with dark chocolate and white chocolate along with caramel drizzle, blended.

We call the Dynamite our showcase "Ugly" drink. Ugly is what you call a blended iced beverage. Good for high noon summer days to cool off, or on any sore day, with the extra kick of caffeine and a hose of slushy chocolate treat to keep your blood pumping caffeine throughout the day.

Gatling Gun

White chocolate, caramel, and chocolate sauce lasso, with vanilla flavor, and finished with 2 shots of espresso.

The burst of continuous punch does not disappoint. Full bodied ammo of flavors, this drink is designed to last every sensation from the beginning to the final sip. Triple lasso of flavor blends into the liquid over time to withstand the times.

Gatling Gun

Gold Digger

Iced caramel latte, brown whip cream sprinkled with rewarding edible gold flakes.

Yes, real 24 karat gold. You find your inner being wanting to dig for the gold when you get your hands on the drink. As you dig you find yourself immersed in the amazing taste of our home made browned whip. It is hard deciding if you want to drink the liquid or just keep on digging for the gold!

Mechanical Bull

Redbull, club soda, chai flavor, half & half

A hit in the Northwest, coffee craziness in the busy lives of daily commuters continue to seek for more. Coffee shops at every corner has to have it all. We are no different down here in the great state of Texas - only we take up the name Mechanical Bull to ante up the game for caffeine lovers.

Mechanical Bull

The Fuse

Habanero syrup, 4 shots of espresso, vanilla latte-style.

The title really means it. An escalated, concentrated spicy oil applied to the beverage to swell up your face sweating and procuring a cleansing with the help of four shots of espresso. You suddenly find yourself awakened after consuming the inferno. After all, its like the herding days worth of Texan workout being out in the wild wild west.

Pepperbox Shot

10 oz iced latte, chocolate swirl, vanilla, 2 shots of espresso.

Not your faint-of-heart 10 oz cup. Packs a boost of two shots of espresso with an addictive sweetness of the liquid and our house-made browned whip to ignite the caffeine into the system.

Pepperbox Shot is the last of the Holster drinks and for a reason: a reminder by firing a little of everything out of the chamber of all our signatures.

Coffee with a bang!

Pepperbox Shot


Irish Cream (not too much or too little) and 4 shots of espresso.

Subtle and deadly, this archrival of Doc Holliday delivers a heavy punch, or in Pepperbox Coffee terms, Coffee With a Bang! As most of our lattes here, this comes with our special Pepperbox Milk to satisfy the cowboy experience.

Calamity Jane

Raspberry, Strawberry, and Banana flavored Italian Soda.

WARNING: Comes equipped with a dangerous three-ratio of sweet fruits that will cast a spell of addiction to all travelers who seek non-caffeinated beverage.