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Notes:       Strawberry, raspberry, black tea, milk chocolate

Varietals:  Typica

Location:  Saraguro, Loja Province, Ecuador

Farm:        Hacienda La Papaya | Juan Peña


The reviewers: This is an experimental, anaerobically fermented and washed coffee from Loja, Ecuador, produced by Juan Peña on his farm, Hacienda La Papaya.


The flavor profile is complex and lively, with notes of strawberry, black tea, milk chocolate, and lavender.


The coffee is complex and lively, with a lot of playful flavor to offer and a wide range of brewing applications. The extended anaerobic fermentation technique lends itself to a range of ripe fruit flavors that would traditionally be more frequently associated with dry processed or natural type coffees, those dried in the whole cherry without a formal fermentation stage. However, this coffee is pulped, then fermented and washed in the style of a traditional washed coffee… which just goes to prove how far and wide the range of flavor possibilities can be at the hands of a skilled grower and processor. 

Ecuador - Saraguro Juan Peña

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