Special Dark Blend

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Special Dark Blend is Pepperbox Coffee's selection blend of roasts sharing rich dark oil production with room for light nutty flavor. The combination comes with an emphasis on the side of less acidity, while offering a boost in caffeine by applying lightly roasted beans to deliver a bang to the coffee. Perfect for all day cupping.

The story behind our special project coffee comes from the Monteverde plantation in Costa Rica:

"The Life Monteverde programs are carried out in a 42-acre (17 hectares) farm and extend to the whole region of Monteverde. The farm combines areas of coffee production, conservation, organic agriculture and low environmental impact energy systems.

We cover coffee production all the way from seed germination to ripe cherries, to processing as sun-dried beans, and roasting.

We continue diversifying production with an organic vegetable garden, goats, pigs, and hens, and by maintaining half the land on this farm under forest cover, allowing for a balance between production and nature protection"

For more information: https://cafedemonteverde.com