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pepperbox: a multiple barrel repeating *coffee* shooter

Stars shining upon the man in the wee of the morning hour he sniffed the aroma of the coffee. The aroma was an awakening in his brain but because it was a sign of trigger, the answer hung within the warmth of the cup; its potency full of trickling ideas. Roaming in his mind occurred the moment where full revelation of how coffee ought to be rendered appeared a-front of him. Pepperbox coffee * coffee with a bang * a symbolic idea that coffee should not be masqueraded but revealed in all its glory.

Pepperbox Coffee and Roasting chose to focus on the farms themselves. And their beans. It is not about me, but them. And the love the indigenous people pour into their coffee beans to demonstrate nature's best.

So instead of masquerading our coffee by using our brand and the coolness of cowboy names, I have chosen to emphasize on the origins of the beans, the techniques they use to gather the cherry, and by whom that  processes them.

You will see me at farm markets, events, and online. Oh, you're probably asking about the trailer. There is no longer the trailer. It served its purpose -- thanks to the wild experience it took us through, the idea behind Pepperbox is maturing into beans oriented at the heart of coffee.

Occasionally we will rotate the origins based on their availability, popularity, or discovery.

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